My story in network marketing is a journey that many wont believe, Am an accountant by profession, but before studying accounts i had to work in several casual jobs just to be able to raise some cash that will enable me go to college after clearing high school

In deed life is is process not a programme, I cant say life has been bed of roses i cleared college with high expectation of being employed in a bank, i was very optimistic that life will be smooth after clearing college but that was not the  what i got  after 3 donkeys years of what i can say is scam studying hard without surety of being employed  where most of us are now I dint get a job after tarmacking for 6 moths. I ventured into the informal construction sector a.k.a mjengo for a year and  a  half since i dint have a job and by the  fact that kenya today for you to get a job you must have a godfather. life was tough we could be paid 250 per day and i end up eating almost  the whole amount.That was in 2014 when all this hullabaloo was happening.

As i was trying to navigate away out from the tough journey ,along time friend of mine shared an idea to me about this powerul platform GIF and wanted to introduce me to net work marketing profession but i was thick headed and called scam an telling all manner of insults not know this would be the destiny connector.i declined the offer with a mentality of getting ajob but funny enough this guy life was changing day in day but due to what the wise men say don’t damn abridge you have just crossed i was guilty of asking how network marketing works. luckily i got a job with moi university but not to the filed of my study but to the maintenance department they call it estate.life was never different with the mjengo one the only different was it was asalary

life moved on but with the level of responsibility that was cominig my side since i was growing old i sought of having aside hustle just to subsidize my income since it was peanuts i could run into debts of upto 10,000 when salary comes i go home negative salary hope i know what i mean. this made me venture into milk business, where i could wake up very early so that i could get the milk and sale then there after i go to my job. thats was a hell of life  i ran into looses since I didn’t have knowledge on how to run the business.to cut the long story short i went to bieng a hotel supervisor

2 years later in 2016 after seeing my long term friend prosper in short time while am still struggling i decided to swallow my pride and ask how the business works. I joined the business on 16th nov 2016 and ventured into this great multibillion  industry.The journey through have been sweet  though in the first 3 months I earned 0 shillings but i never gave up i believed it was a matter of time before i explode my income through a plan i have managed to work it through and  achieve my long term goals  in a short period now i can go home with $200 on single week that’s  $800 monthly which in the job market i needed several degrees but now am living a life  that was my dream

Now days i mentor  and teach individuals on how online business works join my successteam today and achieve your dream life         

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