No Elevator, You Gotta Take The Stairs:):)

I would like to talk about some slightly different thing but very much related. First of all,  ponder on the food for thought? If no, kindly do, if yes, then here is today’s question: Did you think about what you really want? where you want to be and what you really want to achieve? When asking yourself these questions, do you have that one answer in mind or do you get lost in your mind trying to find out what. If the latter is your answer, then there could be two reasons for it; either you do not have anything in mind or they are too many to settle on one. Anyway, we will leave the dilemma there for today. As for me, up to this moment that I am writing this, I really do not know what I want. NO! That’s a lie, of course I do. Then what is it? Mmmh… I do not really know, wait a bit, yeah it is true I do not know, not because I do not care but because there are so many of them that I do not know which one to settle on,but with time, I sure will settle on one and you will be the first to know.


Coming to think of it, when I finally settle on what I want to do, will it be that easy to succeed in it? Those of you who have already found what to do, how has the journey been? It is success that is driving almost everyone crazy. Different people are venturing into various activities all in the name of wanting to succeed, but what is it that is needed to succeed? Most of us, especially the youth want to prosper in a blink of an eye, we want to have it all over-night. We want to get into a studio, record a song and the next day it is a massive hit. I am not saying that this has never happened, it has but the chances are even lower than those of finding a pin in a hay stack.

In this journey towards success, we have to take the stairs because there is no elevator. We have to take the long, genuine road that others have taken, we ain’t any special. I am not saying this because I am an exception, NO. In fact, I think I am the number one culprit. I really want to do well that I tremble at the thought and I wish it would happen with a snap of a finger; I am obsessed with making it in life and being a star in an instant but I realize this has and will never be the case. It will never be that easy because if it were, life would be meaningless.

There are people who have tried a thousand and one time and failed miserable but they never lost hope. Talk of someone most of us youth can relate with, a young Kenyan Hip Hop artist, Octopizzo. He often talks about the slum where he ails from and his fair share of hardships that he has gone through, but it does not end there. Upon realizing that he could rap quite well, keeping in mind that the hip Hop industry in Kenya had not grown that much, he decided to hit the studio. He had no money to record the songs but thanks to I don’t know who, he was able to record twenty three songs. You could think that he became a super-star at this point but no. No one, as far as music was concerned, had ever heard about him. It is in his twenty fourth song that people started asking who Octo was and that is when his star started shinning but not that bright, until his 30th song that he says was a breakthrough for him. Look at him now, ain’t he running the town? Of course with some other great Hip Hop artists and yes, Octopizzo has gone and is still going places

Now back to you my precious and ambitious reader, greacan be achieved only and only through real hard work. now ask yourself again what you really want. Is it still the same or has it changed? Are you still lost or have you found an answer? Whatever the answer is, you should be prepared for greatness but before that is the hustle. It won’t be as easy as you’d wish the journey would be but in every single step, keep in mind that it is worth it. Remember that it is your story that will inspire some other person someday when you finally make it. It is also true that there is no testimony without a test, so that which you really want, you got to work your *ss out and in the end you will be the one to enjoy the fruits of your labor and the harder you work to achieve your goals, the prouder you will be telling others about it.

When the world asks you why?, ask them why not? and when it gives you a thousand reasons why you can’t, give it a million reasons why you can